Myanmar, 6 May 2008: cyclone Marais kills 4 thousand people

cycloneSouth Burma has been deeply wounded. The Country, already very poor, is getting in a desperate situation. Nargis cyclone, passing by, caused 3.969 victims; missing persons are 2.879. United Nations inform the world thousands people are homeless and need drinkable water.

Humanitarian organizations immediately have rallied but the Myanmar military junta has interfered with their actions and movements. Thailand has been the first Nation to send aids, sending a C-130 plane carrying 9 tons of food and medicines. However humanitarian organizations succeeded in distributing 5 thousands litres of drinkable water, chlorine pills to purify water, survival kits, mosquito nets, length of plastic and blankets.

Cyclone fury, judged of 3rd category, crashed into Myanmar during the night between Saturday and Sunday showing gusts of wind that reached 240 kilometres/hours. Many villages has been swept away and several zones had no electric energy for five days. The old capital city, Rangoon, with its over 5 million inhabitants, has been deeply wounded. Biggest damages have been registered along Irrawaddy river where 98 thousands people lost their houses. Hundreds monks rallied to give help in this zone. There could be thousands of dead people in Bogalay, as much as in Labutta.


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