Bangkok Shopping Guide

Shopping is a kind of activity that can be done both day and night in Bangkok. Visitors can visit different types of shopping centers from the ultramodern malls to the traditional markets. Bangkok has transformed into one of the most famous shopping hubs in the world.

Chatuchak Market
The Chatuchak Weekend Market is where you can find vinyl records and a live seahorse in one same place. You are required to drive a hard bargain in this market. Perhaps you will never forget the experience of shopping at the Chatuchak market.

Shopping Malls
Shopping malls are scattered in Bangkok. A good bargain can be made at the MBK. The largest mall is CentralWorld, and when you want some luxury go to the Emporium or Siam Paragon.

Khao San – Patpong
In Thailand, nighttime does not mean closing time. Khao San and Patpong market just begin the life when the dusk has come. Don’t sleep early while in Bangkok because this city never sleeps.

The Pantip Plaza, Petchburi, is where the Thai’s gadget geeks come to hunt the latest technology. All kinds of electronic stuff from mobile phones to notebooks are available in the market.

Prachan Pier
The Prachan Pier street market along the Maharat Road offers a unique shopping experience. The stuff sold in the market are numerous, from old coins to hipsters-like fashion accessories.

Khao San road
Khao San road is a very popular market for backpackers. Visitors can get some quality stuff by paying for as lowest as possible price. The market sells various things from T-shirts to second hand vintage stuff.

In Chinatown market, you can walk along the street while trying to spot the best place to eat as many restaurants there. Chinese martial art weapons and gold shops can also be found here.

Flower and Fresh Market
Fresh products are available in the Pak Khlong Talad Market. You can buy many kinds of flowers in the market for your sweet heart.

Pratunam is all about fashion. Here, you can find the oddest fashion in the world. There are two wholesale markets, the original one which is open air and the modernized one which has air conditioners inside a mall across the street.

Or Tor Kor market in Chatuchak is a really sparkling clean market with super cheap price. The market mainly sells fresh fruits and vegetables.


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