Discover Vancouver


Vancouver in western Canada is named after Captain George Vancouver of the British Royal Navy. However, Captain Vancouver was not the first european to visit the area. The coasts had already been explored by the Spanish. Captain Vancouver did not spend many days there, even though he was warmly welcomed by the local people and the scenery amazed him and everyone else who was travelling with him. The scenery still amazes visitors to the city of Vancouver today. First-time visitors who are in search of breathtaking views are usually directed to a beach which is about ten minutes from the city centre. There, looking out over the sailing boats racing across the blue water, visitors see Vancouver’s towering skyline backed by the magnificient North Shores Mountains. Then they sigh and say, “It’s so beautiful that I want to stay forever!” You can’t blame them. The city is regularly picked by international travel associations as one of the world’s best tourist destinations. They are only confirming what the two million residents and eight million tourists visiting Greater Vancouver a single year already know: there is simply no other place on earth quite like it. It’s not just the gorgeous setting where mountains meet the sea that appeals to people, but also Vancouver’s wide range of sporting, cultural and entertainment facilities.


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