Eating in London


When it comes to eating in London, don’t get drifted by the famous say that the English cuisine is the worst in Europe! To be fair, food in London can be dreadful, and can be fantastic. Although it is not really cheap, yet you can get something decent to eat for about £10 a head. But in case you’re targeting high quality or quantity then get ready to spend double that!
That’s because the people in London believe that eating well costs much. A good restaurant maybe translated into £50/$90 a head!
I think that the best strategy to use while you are in an expensive city like London is simply to survive without injuring your wallet or digestive system. You should indeed save your money for more than just food, yet you can’t compromise the ‘safety’ of the food either!
As not all the Britain are rich and luxurious people, there are a number of perfectly good, safe and cheap restaurants where the regular people eat regularly!
Another thing that you should be aware of in case you have some issue concerning alcohol is that they English social life revolves around alcohol! So it going to be a little difficult if you take alcohol in moderation as recovering from alcoholism or for religious reasons.
To find a restaurant and for general advice there’s a famous guide called Harden’s Guide, which is now online having a restaurant finder search engine which works by price, locale and cuisine.

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