Visit San Marino Republic

I LOVE SHOPPING like wrote in her exhilarating books Sophie Kinsella.If you also like it I’ll take you with me in a real “shopper’s Paradise”: The San Marino Republic.

Far only 5 minutes from the Coast of Romagna (Rimini for example) San Marino it’s geographically inside Italy but has his own government (but you can visit it without passport) and it’s, because of a lot of things, a very peculiar place. We first will visit San Marino’s City that’s the capital of this republic, the third and the more ancient city, that overtops all the Republic from the head of Monte Titano and is accessible through four ancient doors. We can visit the three medieval “pens” (three towers, symbol of the Republic) the Basilica where are conserved Saint Marino’s reliquies, Santa Chiara’s Monastery, the Door and the Church of Saint Francesco, “contrada Ombrelli” and the little square of Titano. At last we can go to the Public Square of the Freedom, where we’ll find the Public Palace and a terrace with an exceptional view. Anyway during our visit, how I said at first, we can also freely express our attitude to shopping in every possible way! All the paths of San Marino’s centre are interspersed by a lot of little stores full of the must incredible things: there you can find almost everything you was looking for, and something you probably would never suspect that exists: for example lighters in different shapes (cars, guns, guitars and any strange thing you can imagine). But if we have more serious exigences, and little more time at our disposition, all around the nine Castels and in all the little cities of San Marino’s Republic we’ll find Outlets, Commercial centers and many shops with interesting windows and we can buy clothes, shoes, perfumes and cosmetics, homeopathic products, electronics, musical instruments and even fuel, all that at a very low price thanks at the very reasonable fiscal condition of this Republic. Enjoy your holiday

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  2. formidable site this rated to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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