Festivals in Portugal

One of the most famous festivals to be held in Portugal is the Harbour and Music festival. It is to be held in Lisbon on February 2-28 and is a celebration of Fado traditional folk culture. Believed to have developed from the sailors of the seventeen hundreds who use to express their sadness and anxiety of not seeing those they love when they go out to sea for months. There will be a lot of music signing and experiencing of the times past. This is a great experience for visitors.

The Lisbon Carnival is another popular event in Portugal and is held annually from February 2-24. This carnival features parades through the streets of the city and there are usually a lot of dancing and great music. There will also be floats and a number of parties across Lisbon. A totally enjoyable event the Lisbon carnival is 23 days of celebrations and entertainment and it culminates on the last day with the “Entrudo”.

The city of Loule hosts one of the most popular events in the country and that is the Loule carnival. This event will take place on February 21-25. The carnival dates back some 100 years and is eagerly awaited by residents and visitors every year. There will be a parade with many costumes and music.


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